Pay attention to the purchase of 100×200 cm mattresses Topper

19 Mar
  • Toppers with a height of less than 4 cm are not recommended in quality, because with such a small material thickness, many of the useful properties are simply lost. Ideally, the topper has a thickness beyond 6 cm.
  • Use our detailed explanations of each material to select it specifically for your own needs. If this does not happen, the topper cannot play his strengths, but in the worst case even makes for a worse sleep feeling.
  • Make sure that the cover is removable and can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine, as it is only from this temperature bacteria are killed.
  • If a mishap is to be expected from time to time, the topper should have water-repellent properties.

Reasons for a 100×200 cm mattress topper

One of the important features was already mentioned at the beginning: Toppers can artificially soften a mattress which is too hard by making it from a soft and flexible material. So you do not lose the supportive properties of the mattress, but sleep like on cloud seven! For older people, it could also be important that the whole bed is also increased by the topper height of 4 to 10 cm, which should facilitate entry and exit into this.

Tempering properties are also given to the mattresses Topper in 100×200 cm. Depending on the material, for example, the breathability is improved or the toppers additionally have a warming effect. Also, an important plus if you count to the chilblains or strong sweat in your sleep.

100×200 cm mattresses Topper can also be used quite flexible, either individually in a 1×2 meter single bed or double in a comfortable double bed with 2×2 meters. Then the toppers could be a good choice if your partner and you have different needs, but have already compromised on the mattress. With box spring beds, where a topper is a must-have, they also preserve the majestic look by putting the sheet directly onto the topper instead of the mattress as often. Check out our best collection of us mattress sale

In general, the toppers generally perform a protective function by protecting the mattress from harmful external influences that could otherwise reduce their lifespan.